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  • Dr. Kim, ND has been instrumental in leading me not only on a journey back to health but of self-discovery. Dr. Kim, ND uses her knowledge, skill, and gentle manner to ask the right questions which lead to understanding the whole person. During appointments she listens intently and helps me to understand how parts are connected and the effect each facet of our lives and our bodies has on the other.

    Dr. Kim, ND is practical and realistic when making recommendations for treatment. She works closely with me to consider what is manageable for me at the time. While the journey is mine and takes commitment and effort on my part, her wisdom, encouragement and understanding is paramount to my success.

    In all the years of visits to traditional Doctors, I have never felt better than I have since working with Dr. Kim, ND. We are now treating the ‘whole me’ to understand the underlying causes for my ailments, rather than masking symptoms with drugs. I now have a whole new approach to my health and recognize the ways that I can impact my health through lifestyle choices.

    Kathleen, the receptionist at the clinic, is always most welcoming. She takes time to converse and get to know each of the patients. Kathleen creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to experience the moment you walk in the door.

    I am so grateful to have Dr. Kim, ND and her Naturopathic practice working alongside me on my journey back to health.

    Lori H.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    Before I started seeing Dr. Kim, ND, I was very skeptical about seeing a Naturopath. I had been raised to believe that western medicine was the only “real” option available to cure ills and if it could not help you, you simply could not be helped.

    A trusted friend recommended I try something new as a lifetime of insomnia and almost daily bouts of digestive problems simply weren’t getting any better. She had been seeing Dr. Kim, ND to help her cope with a very aggravated digestive disorder and had found results that improved her daily life. But, even being able to see the changes my friend was experiencing, I still wasn’t sure a naturopathic approach was right for me.

    I’m thrilled to say that working with Dr. Kim, ND has turned my life around. My insomnia no longer rules my life and daily stomach upset is a thing of my past. She has helped me through a number of health issues including recovering from multiple surgeries after I broke my leg. She has taught me how to make better choices when it comes to nutrition and stress management, as well as how to recognize imbalances before they overtake my health.

    I’ve also found an MD who is open to working with my Naturopath and is supportive of the same goals: preventing illness and helping me to thrive.

    So now, rather than being the skeptic, I have become the friend recommending a new way to take control of your health and well-being.

    Jill S.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    The path that led me to naturopathic medicine was unfortunately long and frustrating. Due to stress from my work life, I began to have recurrent infections, specifically urinary tract infections and yeast infections. I also caught colds very easily and found myself devoid of energy.  My GP treated me for each urinary tract infection, usually with one of three antibiotics. I would complete the course of antibiotics and end up with a yeast infection. Shortly thereafter, usually a sore throat and cold. Then the cycle began again. I was getting on average of 6-8 UTIs per year.

    I was referred to a urologist whom I waited four months to see.  The appointment was very discouraging. He wrote me a prescription for medication that I was meant to take for three straight months. The side effects from the medication were headache, nausea and fatigue. Three months later I returned, was given another prescription and told that many women regularly suffer from UTIs and that I ought to continue to take these daily antibiotics. The UTIs continued to return. I was 30 years old and felt like I was in some never-ending circle of illness.

    One day, a woman who worked in my office suggested I find myself a Naturopath. I was honest and replied that I knew absolutely nothing of naturopathic medicine but quickly replied that I was feeling so terrible for so much of the time that I felt I had absolutely nothing to lose. I realized that I had always been encouraged to follow traditional Western medicine and that I was about as ignorant about naturopathic remedies as they came.  Nevertheless, I booked an appointment and attended with an open mind. I felt that since I gave two appointments and six months to a urologist, surely I could dedicate the same to naturopathic care and assess the result.

    I remember at my first visit when I was told that although I may not be able to change some of the stressors in my life, I could at least change the way my body reacted to the stressors. It was a phrase that I carry with me to this day.  At that first visit we talked a lot about my energy levels and feelings.  All along I thought there was some physiological reason why I would get these recurrent infections and never gave one moment’s thought that perhaps it was my immune system breaking down due to chronic stress and that if I could transform that experience, the infections would disappear. I embraced the idea that the stress over time had disoriented many facets of my body but under naturopathic care, there was a way to slowly correct the deficiencies.

    I have people ask me what happens in a regular appointment but I rarely describe the sessions. Nothing painful or scary, just different from what the average person would expect out of a traditional doctor visit.  For anyone considering this alternative, I would simply ask, how badly do you truly want to feel better?  If you are in a place to seek change, then perhaps you are ready to embrace naturopathic medicine with a clear and open mind. Those who do not come with judgment will leave with answers.

    My friends who followed my lead are all in far better mental and physical health than before they began. After a few years even my husband suggested that perhaps my Naturopath could help him with his allergies and energy levels. We brought our infant daughter for treatment of acid reflux and constipation.

    The take home message is that I went years without a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. I had postpartum depression with my first child when I was not under the care of a Naturopath but did not have any post partum depression with my second child when I was. Under naturopathic care, my postpartum recovery was smooth. I did not suffer for months with irregular and heavy menstruation like I had before.  I later underwent major work changes and managed to keep my energy levels intact and sleep well. Today, I would describe my body as being in harmony. And when it falls out of harmony, my Naturopath seems to have something to correct it.  With absolutely no side effects and no contraindications.

    Until our health care system is modified to include naturopathic medicine, people will have to accept that there is a price to feel good and feel healthy. There will be supplements to take and lifestyle changes to make. For me personally, in comparison to how I had been feeling both physically and emotionally, it is money well spent.

    Shauna K.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    My experience having Dr. Kim, ND as my Naturopathic Doctor has been a very positive one.  I came to her office for the first time shortly after a number of stressful events took place in my life.

    She has been able to offer me advice, reading material, food suggestions, supplements and an open ear.  I sleep better, am developing skills to deal with stress, and notice the relationship between food and mood more than before.

    I tried Bowen Therapy with Dr. Kim, ND and was amazed with the results.  I had a nagging shoulder injury and the pain and lack of mobility was dragging on.  After my first session I noticed a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility.  After a few more visits the pain was gone and the mobility was back to normal.  I also noticed an effect on my emotions as I was usually very calm after a Bowen Therapy session.

    I have been very happy with Dr. Kim, ND and think everyone should have a Naturopathic Doctor in their life!

    Rob A.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND
  • Dr. Kim, ND has done miracles for me. I started seeing her when I was going through a nasty divorce and suffering with depression. I didn’t want to see a regular doctor as I knew they’d put me on pills. It was a counseling session every time I’d see Dr. Kim, ND and she always had natural solutions to help me (encourage me to go for a walk, exercises to relax me, eating habits, breathing exercises, etc).

    What I love most about Dr. Kim, ND is she works with you, she finds out your habits and tailors her advise to how it works for you.  ie: I’m usually out of town on the weekend & miss taking my vitamins so she set my program Mon-Fri & skip the weekend.

    My daughter was suffering with brutal cramps during her irregular period and within a couple months was regular with no cramps. Dr. Kim, ND also helped her adjusting through the divorce.

    I suggest Dr. Kim, ND to everyone I meet – she’s the best.

    Lily L.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    My husband and I have been loyal patrons of Dr. Lena Kim, ND over the last 6+ years. We have seen marked improvements in our overall health. After beginning to see Dr. Kim, ND, we have never felt better. Her advice and counsel on supplements and healthy living have resulted in significant increases in our well being.

    Dr. Kim, ND is a true professional and a great listener. We have referred a number of friends to her over the years, none of which have been disappointed.

    We continue to see Dr. Kim, ND as a key part of our health regime which becomes more important now as we move into the next phase of our lives with a new baby. Dr. Kim, ND’s recommendations are easy to incorporate into our busy schedules and practical.

    Investing in naturopathic medicine is something our family is committed to continuing for the long term.

    Mike and Antara G.Patients of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    I appreciate Dr Kim, ND’s genuine concern for the health and well-being of her clients. I trust her advice and she has helped me to heal on many levels.

    I appreciate Dr. Kim, ND’s holistic approach regarding the health of her clients. She has helped me to maintain a healthy body both physically and emotionally.

    Dr. Kim, ND has helped me through many difficult health issues and I sincerely appreciate her genuine concern for my well-being.

    Janice L.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    About 15 years ago I was visiting a chiropractor who noted that my back was very sore despite the fact that it had been fine for a few weeks. He wanted to know why. I said it always happened when I was menstruating. He said that didn’t have to be and suggested I see a Naturopath.

    As a health care professional, I was a bit reluctant but figured it couldn’t hurt. Couldn’t hurt! This is now laughable as I have been faithfully seeing a Naturopathic doctor ever since. How refreshing to have someone actually ask about how your body and mind are and trusting that you know your own body.

    Over the years , we have addressed the initial concern – just a few oils and supplements resulted in no more back pain, no cramps and most  recently, a reduction in hot flashes and other peri-menopausal symptoms. We have looked at keeping my system regular, flushing toxins after heavy workouts, drops to help with memory, help boost my immune system, keep my mood more stable (this really means preventing me from being grumpy) and even quiet my mind so it doesn’t go into overdrive in the middle of the night. Into my fifties and feeling wonderful with no prescription medications and the knowledge that we will find the right supplements, all natural, should something crop up.

    How refreshing to be able to work with someone, in partnership, to keep your mind and body feeling at its best over the years and throughout the seasons.

    Chief Concern: Hormonal back pain and peri-menopause

    Treatments used:Nutritional supplements and homeopathics to help balance hormones.

    Ruth A.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    I began suffering with migraine headaches in my early 30’s. Over the span of two years, I had a head CT, saw an EENT specialist, and a neurologist with no cause determined. I was prescribed many pain medications with minimal effect and finally, the only somewhat successful treatment I received was botox injections every three months.

    When I started seeing Dr. Lena Kim, ND, I was still experiencing four to six migraines a month. Her prescriptive treatments included adding some things to my diet as well as taking a variety of homeopathic medications. Within three or four months, my migraines all but stopped only appearing with drastic changes in weather conditions. I have gone as long as seven months with no pain!

    My work and home life had suffered as a result of my migraines. Not only has Dr. Kim, ND helped to alleviate my migraines, but also helped me return to my ‘normal’ self. Every time I enter her office, I feel welcomed, she listens when I speak and I believe she genuinely cares about my health. My only regret is that I chose to wait as long as I did before seeking her out.

    Dayna W.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND

    Why I work with a naturopathic Doctor…

    I appreciate traditional medicine; however, have always felt that it does not treat the root causes.  Taking a pill to deal with my issues, is not something that sits well with me, I know there is more to my illnesses than what a pill with cure.

    What I find with naturopathic approaches is that it helps me to treat my body as a whole system – physical, mental, spiritual, nutritional and emotional.

    It is not just one thing that is happening to me, for example, my emotions are manifesting physical issues, and so what do I need to deal with?  I am not looking for quick fixes to my total health; I am looking for sustainable changes to my health.  I appreciate the fact that seeing a Naturopathic Doctor on a regular basis, helps me to reflect on my health and habits more frequently so that I can help myself move to a better place.  You are in a partnership with your Naturopathic Doctor; you are both working together to help your overall health.

    Natalie L.Patient of Dr. Lena Kim, ND