• My first visit to a Naturopath in Edmonton

    We have two different approaches to help with your health challenges, which begin on your very first visit with a Naturopath in our Edmonton clinic.

    First, if you suffer from chronic or acute illness, we invest our energy and time helping you improve so that you can return to enjoying life.

    Second, if interested in pursuing long-term wellness, we examine your health profile in depth to determine changes, which will achieve positive results.

    In either case, we identify and correct the underlying source of your problems. That’s what makes Naturopathic medicine exciting.

    Whether the goal is to overcome a current illness, or long-term wellness, we are here to help you be proactive and find solutions to your needs.

  • A Naturopath in Edmonton helps bring a new balance to your health

    A Naturopath helps bring a new balance to your health.

  • Our Naturopaths in Edmonton help you navigate through life's changing health challenges

    Naturopaths helps you navigate through life’s changing health challenges

  • My first appointment with a Naturopath

    Your first appointment will last 55 minutes. The Naturopath and you review your health questionnaire. This is to narrow the treatment focus to the most urgent health issues you want to address right now.

    As mentioned above, we approach your health in two different ways depending on your goals.

    If you are suffering from illness, we start working today to help make you feel better so you have more energy for life.

    If you choose to seek the benefits of long-term wellness, you will take your first steps towards exploring an exciting and rewarding health journey.

    Discussing things with the Naturopath will clarify the initial direction that your individual treatment plan will take. We use natural products and science based medicine to help you.

  • My follow-up appointments with a Naturopath

    Your follow-up appointments with the Naturopath are 25 minutes. Any additional recommended treatments in our Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic take varying amounts of time. As always, every step will revolve around your goal based treatment plan.

    The frequency of follow-up appointments depends on your health condition or wellness goals. If you have chronic or acute illnesses, follow-up appointments will be frequent to help you get well.

    If you are seeking to improve your long-term wellness, appointments will be more frequent in the beginning. Then spread out more as changes to your underlying health profile begin to take hold.

    These changes include such things as your habits, diet, environment, or even seasonal variations that affect your health. It can take time to overcome long established habits and root new behaviours in building a path to success.

  • Many families rely on a Naturopath as their primary health care professional

    Many families rely on a Naturopath as their primary health care professional

Preparing for my first appointment with a Naturopath: step by step

  • How I prepare for my first appointment

    1. Make your appointment to see a Naturopath in our Edmonton clinic. Our contact page has both our telephone number and an email contact form.
    2. Print off the following forms and review our Scent Free Policy patient handout.
      • For each patient age 13 and over print off an Adult Health Questionnaire
      • For each patient age 0 – 12 print off a Children’s Health Questionnaire
      • For each patient print off one Clinic Policies and Consent to Treatment form
    3. Fill out your Health Questionnaire in as much detail as possible. This is essential so that the Naturopath can help you more effectively.
    4. Fill out the Clinic Policies and Consent to Treatment form. Any children 16 years old  and over complete their own Clinic Policies and Consent to Treatment form.
    5. Gather up any medications or supplements that the patient seeing the Naturopath is currently taking and bring them with you for the appointment.
    6. Bring any current blood work results, x-rays, or any other health test results you have.
    7. The day of your appointment. Please, do not wear scented products, this includes all perfumes along with any scented creams or other personal care products. Many patients that see a Naturopath in our Edmonton naturopathic clinic have extremely debilitating sensitivities to scents which can make them very ill very quickly.
    8. Parking information and Clinic Hours can be found at the bottom of the About Our Naturopathic Clinic page and a map of the Clinic location can be found on our contact page.
  • My new patient forms and information

    These patient forms and handouts are in Adobe Reader format (.pdf). If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer it is freely available from Adobe. Need to receive them in a different way? Please contact our clinic.

    Adult Health Questionnaire
    (Ages 13 or older)
    Children’s Health Questionnaire
    (Ages 0 – 12)
    Clinic Policies and Consent to Treatment Form Clinic Scent Free Policy
    Patient Handout