• Meet Robert Johnston, RMT

    My style can be described as a flowing, integrative deep tissue massage, including but not limited to detailed assessment along with Deep tissue and Swedish techniques to create a treatment plan that is suited for each individual.

    I specialize is chronic pain, neuropathy’s and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. Its exciting to thrive in a challenging environment, tailoring each treatment to each individual on their specific healing journey.

    Yours in Health,

    Robert Johnston, RMT
    Registered Massage Therapist
    Edmonton, Alberta

  • Robert Johnston, Registered Massage Therapist

    Robert Johnston, RMT

    Robert Johnston’s Professional Associations and Education

    Robert is a faculty member of the Alberta College of Massage Therapy. He is both on the curriculum development team and a student assistant. He is also enrolled in the Manual Osteopathic Therapist programme for the Fall of 2019 at the Manual Osteopathic College of Canada.